Monday, April 03, 2006

Personal knowledge management - 11 April meeting

Stefan Lafloer is an organizational intelligence and knowledge management senior project manager and management consultant. As the CKO of InsightKnowledge Inc., he is focusing on strategic business consulting and project management in the knowledge management (KM) and organizational intelligence (OI) area. He also is guest speaker for KM at DePaul University in Chicago, and VP of KMChicago, as well as moderator for multiple large scale KM focused discussion groups with thousands of participants on Orkut and Yahoo.

In 14 years of business experience he has build a successful track record of managing the creation of e-business solutions, identifying and delivering complex process improvements and optimizing information flows in global companies. He has strong expertise in managing projects, designing information systems and using content- , document- and knowledge management technologies, as well as organizational intelligence concepts to create a competitive advantage.

To drive the development of KM and OI, Stefan spends a lot of time and effort on research around topics of OI and KM. Tonight Stefan is presenting his findings on - Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)-.

His presentation will include an overview of what PKM is, a research and market analysis on PKM, and a demo of several open source systems that can be used for personal knowledge management. The focus of this session will be to provide the participants with hands-on, practical knowledge (information, links, tools) on how to apply PKM to their own specific knowledge needs.

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