Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Not Your Typical Information Overload Presentation

Please join us for our November meeting as Craig Roth will share with us, "Not Your Typical Information Overload Presentation."

It is not difficult to find confirmation that there is “too much information”. Declaring “e-mail bankruptcy” is the new fad. Meanwhile others pooh-pooh the “information overload” crowd as a bunch of hand-wringing complainers who haven’t adjusted to new technology yet. There’s no “right” answer in the debate between those that believe information overload will soon cause the heads of information workers will begin to pop like popcorn as they slump over in their fuzzy cubicles and those that believe we’re just adapting to the new flow. Instead, this presentation will find a way around “information overload” to a more actionable approach: enterprise attention management (EAM). EAM focuses on how enterprises can help information workers to pull the important messages forward and push the less important messages back. Whether you see information overload as a crisis or just one more thing people are adapting to, improving efficiency is something everyone should be able to get behind.

Craig Roth is the Collaboration and Content Strategies Service Director for the Burton Group (www.burtongroup.com).

Please note: The downtown Chicago meeting location has changed. We will be meeting in the YMCA offices at 101 North Wacker, 13th floor.