Friday, April 24, 2009

1 Position at Pepsi in Chicago

Req # 14766

Transformation - Knowledge Management Center of Expertise - SR MANAGER


Role: Focus on integrating employee expertise, intellectual content, culture and technology to maximize the value of the intellectual assets of PepsiCo in order to enable business objectives.

Key Role Accountabilities

  • Responsible for conducting assessments of business requirements and cultural readiness for Knowledge Management and Collaboration across the enterprise.
  • Leverage business assessment to develop 3 year enterprise strategic roadmap
  • Expand Knowledge Management capabilities to global functional teams, utilizing the Operating Model to assess business needs, enable business processes, communicate configuration/customization requirements and provide training, cultural change and success metrics.
  • Evaluate Web 2.0, Social Networking, and other new Knowledge Management and Collaboration capabilities to suggest pilots for those with potential business benefit.
  • Relentlessly seek out and share new ideas and best practices inside and outside the company.
  • Lead cultural, process and technology change toward “knowledge-based” organization.
  • Develop global collaborative knowledge teams and Communities of Practice for knowledge support in key topical areas.
  • Create governance standards and lead cross-divisional governance councils for policy and content.
  • Lead creation of enterprise classification structure for unstructured information, integrating structured metadata selection with user driven informal tagging.
  • Actively investigate ways to utilize Knowledge Management capabilities to improve the efficiency of PepsiCo employees. Identify opportunities to leverage best practices to increase reusability and reduce overhead costs on a global basis.

Requirements: Key Role Requirements:

  • Masters degree preferred, but will accept Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communications and/or minimum 9 years related business experience. International experience a plus.
  • Must be comfortable with communicating technical requirements to a technical design team.
  • Experienced user of Web 2.0 and social networking technologies (ex: blogs, microblogs, Wikis, discussions forums, facebook/myspace, etc.)
  • Experience working with Rich media capabilities (streaming video, photo/video sharing, podcasts, etc)
  • Be able to visualize how new trends could be integrated into long term strategy to improve employee connectedness, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Knowledge of key directional trends, emerging capabilities and current best practices in the Knowledge Management and Collaboration arena.
  • Ability to effectively manage time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently and on time.
  • Experience leading and influencing governance councils to maximize the effectiveness of Knowledge Management and Collaboration capabilities for the global audience.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including excellent oral, written and listening
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Must be a strong team player with effective teamwork skills. Experience on a team that successfully practiced collaboration and sharing capabilities is a plus.
  • Experience with SharePoint 2007 features and site owner activities is a plus.

To apply for this position, please follow the link and search by Req # in the Detailed Search:

  • Req # 14766 Transformation - Knowledge Management Center of Expertise - SR MANAGER

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Taxonomies and Web 2.0

Upcoming KM Chicago Presentation for April 14, 2009 by Marjorie Hlava

For location details, see right-hand column.

In a Web 2.0 or social networking world, content can be quickly generated, ephemeral and highly personalized. The tools also enable collaboration, customization, mashups. What does this mean for the knowledge manager? Can the information be reused through a Slice ‘n dice – chunking and enhanced by user contributions – user generated knowledge bases? Can folksonomies supplemented by social tagging be controlled with taxonomic structures for long term use?
This talk covers some case examples of the intersection between the free association of ideas in Web 2.0 and organized knowledge capture and storage.

Marjorie M.K. Hlava is President, Chairman, and founder of Access Innovations, Inc. She founded the company in 1978 and it is now in its 30th year. The company provides information management services such as metatagging, thesaurus and taxonomy creation workflow consulting. In short, all services to create and maintain a digital information collection. The company owns the Data Harmony software for Content creation, taxonomy management, metadata and entity extraction, automatic summarization, and automatic indexing for portals and data collections. In creating well formed data we can significantly enhance search results.

She is very well known in the international information arena. She is past president of NFAIS (2002-2003), the organization of those who create, organize and distribute information. Ms. Hlava is past president of the American Society for Information Science and Technology - 1993 (ASIST) and the 1996 recipient of ASIST's prestigious Watson Davis Award, twice a member of the Board of Directors of SLA (formerly known as the Special Libraries Association), 5 year member of the Board of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), past President of the Board of Documentation Abstracts, and has held numerous committee and other positions in these and other organizations. She has published more than two hundred articles and books on information science topics.

Marjorie holds software patents. Her research areas include furthering the productivity of content creation and the governance layer for information access through automated indexing, thesaurus development, taxonomy creation, natural language processing, machine translations, and machine aided indexing. She has given countless presentations domestically and internationally, including keynote addresses. She has given workshops and lectures on thesaurus development, taxonomy creation, natural language processing, machine translations, and machine aided indexing.

She is also president of the Hubbell House Alliance restoring a spacious historic adobe home on 10 acres which served as a ranch headquarters, coaching inn on the El Camino Real, trading post, post office and mercantile.