Friday, August 29, 2008

September 9 Meeting Notice

In August we heard from Yuval Tarsi concerning the Web 2.0 capabilities and how the company he helped found, Worklite, plays in that space. In September we will get another perspective on Web 2.0 from Chuck Pendell from Connectbeam. Chuck writes “Enterprise users of Web 2.0 technologies are creating new information silos of valuable user generated content which cannot be widely accessed. Connectbeam Spotlight enables the capture and management of this content into a single repository, making it easy to share across the entire organization. As a result, employees gain immediate access to knowledge and expertise which previously they never even knew existed.” Chuck will discuss the issues, demonstrate his product and engage the group in questions and answers.

Chuck Pendell is Vice President of Sales for Connectbeam. Chuck brings more than two decades of high tech sales and management experience to Connectbeam. Most recently, he was VP of Sales for Active Decisions; a consumer product guided selling technology. Active Technologies was acquired by Knova. His career includes sales and management positions with Burroughs/Unisys, Saros/Filenet, Action Technologies, Movaris, and Selectica (NASDAQ: SLTC), where he built the worldwide sales and field support team from three members to over 100, resulting in the highly successful Selectica IPO in March of 2000.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Chuck graduated from Washington State University with a BS in Business Administration.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

October 7th KM Chicago Meeting -- Knowledge Retention: How to Keep Knowledge from Walking out the Door

In place of our regularly scheduled KM Chicago meeting in October we are co-sponsoring the following event with SLA Illinois. Following is information on this event. We hope you will join us!

Registration is now open for the joint KM program and workshop for SLA Illinois Chapter and KM Chicago on Oct. 7.

Knowledge Retention: How to Keep Knowledge from Walking out the Door
Lunch Meeting with Panel Discussion
Afternoon Workshop
Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2008 – 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Union League Club, 65 W. Jackson Blvd , Chicago
“In years gone by the physical plant and equipment were the assets to be guarded. Now, increasingly, our most valuable assets walk out the door at five o'clock every day. Though the workers leave the machines and computers behind when they go home, they take the experience and skill-sets with them. If they don't come back, we're in deep trouble.” From http://goliath. coms2/gi_ 0199-89466/ Real-assets- walk-out- the.html.

How do organizations identify and deal with capturing and retaining knowledge from employees who are retiring or leaving? Join SLA Illinois and KM Chicago members for an exploration of this important issue and how information professionals can play a relevant role within their organizations.

Lunch Panel
Three KM practitioners -- Curtis Conley, Laura Claggett, and Rich Doody -- will discuss their experiences, followed by a question and discussion session. Bring your questions and comments on this topic! For bios, see the full announcement linked below.

Afternoon Workshop facilitated by Kathy Hagen, KM Consultant
In order to meet the challenges of today's competitive environment, organizations must be able to access and use the accumulated experience of their employees. Experienced employees are retiring and changing positions at unprecedented rates. What is your organization doing to make sure that this wealth of knowledge is not walking out the door? This interactive half-day session will focus on identifying critical knowledge, defining knowledge risks and developing a knowledge transfer plan.
For more information on Kathy, see http://www.klhagen. com/.

§ Workshop registration including lunch and panel discussion
- $100 for registration and payments received by Sept. 15, 2008
- $125 for later registration and payments (deadline Oct. 2)
§ Lunch and Panel Discussion only - $30 (limited capacity, book promptly)
For full details and registration, see the SLA Illinois Chapter calendar: http://www.slaillin 457
Planning Co - Chairs: Ann Lee and Janice Keeler

Friday, August 08, 2008

August 12 KM Chicago Meeting

Tuesday, August 12; 5:30pm
For location details, see right-hand column.

Yuval Tarsi's presentation will provide some background on Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 as well as cover the different flavors of user interaction and Web technologies that constitute Enterprise 2.0, citing concrete examples and real world use cases. Implications of using Web 2.0 technologies in the enterprise on security, scalability, compliance and policy will be discussed.

Yuval Tarsi is co-founder and CTO of WorkLight. Yuval has broad startup company activity, most recently as Vice President of Research and Development and Israel Site Manager for ©right. Previously, he served as Vice President Research and Development and Vice President of Technologies at Trivnet, a provider of e-commerce and m-commerce solutions. Prior to that, Yuval served in the Israeli Intelligence Corps’ prestigious "Haman Talpiyot" program. He holds a B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University. Yuval is husband to Nitsan and father to Nohar, as well as the primary caregiver of George, a white Golden Retriever. Yuval is also an avid cyclist.

WorkLight™ Inc. develops server software products that help businesses reach customers, channels, employees, and partners securely in the places they frequent online, such as iGoogle, Windows Live, desktop widgets, RSS readers, Facebook, even the Apple iPhone. Through WorkLight, people effortlessly get valuable information they desire, such as account status, product availability, or updates about their latest transactions. They can then take actions, for example ordering products or services, responding to promotions or offers, and consulting with colleagues, without having to log into a portal or corporate web site. As such, WorkLight transforms consumer interfaces into enterprise-grade business tools that directly increase revenue.

WorkLight is a venture-backed company with offices in New York and Israel. WorkLight has received prestigious industry accolades including being named as one of the "Five Enterprise 2.0 Startups to Watch" by InformationWeek magazine, selected as part of CIO Magazine's Web 2.0 Product Suite, and singled out with an honorable mention as one of Computerworld's "10 Cool Cutting-edge Technologies on the Horizon." For more information, visit