Thursday, September 27, 2007

Upcoming KMChicago programs

November 13:Using the Value Network Analysis concept to look at an organizational culture and apply that understanding to the role of the knowledge sharing manager.Dianna Wiggins of McDonald's Global Consumer & Business Insights Info Ctr. will demonstrate a simple value network analysis model as it applies to understanding organizational culture and effecting knowledge exchange. An open discussion will follow.

December 11: KMChicago Holiday Celebration

October 9 Meeting

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective KM (with apologies to Stephen Covey)

Dale Stanley, Corporate Library, Enterprise Information Science Services, Learning & Knowledge Management, Genentech, Inc. will present some best practices for sustaining and evolving KM within an enterprise knowledge services program.

Dale will be presenting via phone. Please note: this meeting will start promptly at 5:30pm; if you arrive at the downtown location (Dow Jones office) after 6pm, you will not be permitted to come directly to the 22nd floor. See sidebar for all meeting location details.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sept 11 meeting

Join us for the first meeting of the season: Tues, Sept 11 at 5:30pm.Open source or secondary information is a distinctive piece of the KM mosaic. This presentation and discuss led by Cynthia Lesky of Threshold Information will look at the role of secondary information in knowledge management. Cynthia will present two of Threshold's real-life information search projects as examples of tactical and strategic use of external information. The topics will be:Wikipedia and corporations: what best practices are developing in how companies manage erroneous or negatively-biased entries Positive organizational scholarship: what it is and how the concept is being used in business settings.Using these projects as a jumping off point, attendees will be asked to contribute to a discussion of the role of external information in KM. Cynthia will be at our downtown location - Dow Jones offices at One S. Wacker Dr, 22nd floor. Please note: meeting will start promptly at 5:30pm; if you arrive after 6pm, you will not be permitted to come directly to the 22nd floor. See sidebar for all meeting location details.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tuesday, June 12; 5:30pm
Corporate Applications for Social Networking
Chris Fletcher is responsible for Knowledge Management in the Asia Pacific region for the consulting practice of Deloitte. Prior to this he was the Knowledge Management Director for Deloitte Australia. He has worked in professional services for over 17 years in both accounting and law firms in knowledge management, research, business development and marketing roles.

He has worked for Deloitte over the past six years and has oversight of Knowledge Management initiatives for Consulting in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China and India. Chris is passionate about the future role knowledge will play in business and the impact social networks will have into the future. For more insight into his views and thoughts, please visit his blog - Adventures in Knowledge (

Chris has a Masters degree in International Marketing from the University of Technology, Australia.

Chris will be joining us remotely via LiveMeeting and conference call. We will meet in 2 locations: Dow Jones in downtown Chicago and Allstate in Northbrook. Or join us remotely using instructions in sidebar.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May 8 Meeting - Knowledge Cafe on KM Business Topics

KM Chicago is announcing that it will host another Knowledge Cafe during its regular meeting for Knowledge Management professionals on May 8th. The topic for this session is: >Key enablers to make Knowledge Management successfull in your organization<. We will be discussing best practices and lessons learned on where KM should be located within your organization, who should be the business owners, how did you build your business case, besides others.. Another hands-on session, with take-away experiences you can use.

Attendees can join us at either of our two regular locations -- Chicago and Northbrook (see side bar for details). There will be no LiveMeeting for this session; Conference call info: 877-393-3363, PIN 19494780

Update: This meeting will start at 5:30 pm, as will all future meetings until further notice.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tuesday, 10 April KM Chicago Meeting; 5:30pm

Kate Pugh of Intel and Nancy Dixon of Common Knowledge discuss Knowledge Harvesting
Knowledge “harvesting” programs -- such as post-mortems, Action-in-Reviews, and Lessons Learned – have three major objectives. 1.) Real-time team and individual insight; 2.) Improve team’s processes; and 3.) Reuse by the larger organization. Many organizations fail to achieve these objectives, or feel they don’t get a return on their knowledge capture and reuse efforts.
We argue that you need to “harvest with reuse in mind,” and that integrated, well-planned and well-facilitated harvesting does pay off. We tailored our harvesting approaches in response to 10 environmental and business factors, such as criticality of the knowledge, perishability of knowledge, technical complexity, the need for safety, team proximity, hierarchical barriers, and team size. We sought to answer questions like:
What is the appropriate format (interview, focus group, panel)?
When does the facilitator need to ensure originating teams’ anonymity?
When do you need to enlist external SMEs to help with the inquiry?
What “anchors” a group discussion (on topic, on insight, as opposed to blame)?
We will be describing this approach and look forward to a lively discussion about what has worked at your organizations!
For information on our two locations, see sidebar. For this meeting, speakers will be joining us by Web and conference call

Monday, March 12, 2007

March meeting: speaker change

Our original speaker is not able to attend the March meeting, but KM Chicago member Curtis Conley has graciously offered to step in at the last moment to talk about the KM program at Perkins Eastman and the connection to his PhD research on critical success factors in KM.

Curtis Conley is a Knowledge Resource Team Coordinator at Perkins Eastman, a global architecture firm recognized as an operational and thought leader. Working in the downtown Chicago location of Perkins Eastman, Curtis is responsible for overseeing the KM processes in the Chicago, Toronto, Oakland, and Shanghai offices. Additionally, Curtis is currently a doctoral candidate at Northern Illinois University. He is earning his degree in Adult Education with a cognate in Knowledge Management. Curtis also holds an MBA and Bachelors degree in Organizational Management. His current research interests include the critical success factors for KM, the integration of KM within strategic planning processes, organizational learning, and human resource development.

Curtis will provide an overview of the KM program at Perkins Eastman, both current practices and an agenda for the future. In addition, Curtis will also discuss his dissertation topic which aims at providing KM practitioners with a holistic framework of the critical success factors for KM.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

March 13 KMChicago monthly meeting

Deloitte & Touche USA LLP and its subsidiaries (the "Deloitte U.S. Firms") provide audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services through 40,000 people in over 90 cities. Many professionals work on a mobile basis, whether on virtual teams, at client sites or while traveling. An intranet-based Learning Management System (LMS) provides a large number of learning resources to personnel, including over 5,700 courses, online books and case studies across a broad range of technical and non-technical subjects. Given the diverse population of professionals and the volume of available learning materials, the organization’s learners need options which are:
  • Easy to find and access
  • Aligned to key skill areas
  • Meet a variety of learning styles
  • Are self-directed
  • Are available 24/7, whether in or out of the office.
In addition, the Deloitte U.S. Firms wanted to provide alternative learning strategies, including simulations and activities to engage learners and further reinforce concepts.
To meet these learning needs, the Deloitte U.S. Firms expanded on an existing relationship with SkillSoft®, a leading provider of enterprise e-learning. They partnered to create custom KnowledgeCenters™, one-stop shops for learning about selected topics. These Centers combine online courses, articles, books, links, learning paths, simulations and certifications to provide portals for clearly organized, self-directed resources for all learners. The content, including proprietary and vendor materials, and the KnowledgeCenters™ are linked to the Deloitte U.S. Firms’ LMS for course enrollment and completion records.

About the Presenter:
Susan Gawley is a Learning Manager for Deloitte Services LP. Her team manages the Deloitte Learning Center website, which provides 5,700+ online, virtual and classroom courses to the professionals of Deloitte & Touche USA LLP and its subsidiaries (Deloitte). She has been with Deloitte for 5 years, where she has led the creation and implementation of numerous learning and development programs for Deloitte professionals. Prior to joining Deloitte, Susan was an Organization Development Manager with Arthur Andersen for over 8 years, working primarily on learning, competency development and process management projects with global Tax, Legal and Business Advisory service professionals.

Susan M. Gawley Learning Manager U.S. Education and Development Deloitte Services LP

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Notice -- No meeting at Allstate in Northbrook on Feb. 13

The Allstate offices are closing early due to the snowstorm so KM Chicago will not be meeting at the Northbrook location today, Feb. 13th.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

February 13 Meeting -- Story, Peer-based Learning, Mobile Sales Enablement

KM Chicago, February meeting
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
5 - 7 pm
Locations: Factiva (Loop), Allstate (Northbrook), teleconference. Details and directions in the sidebar.

Where do knowledge management, honest voices, and technology meet to deliver learning and sales enablement results? This presentation will share what we (StoryQuest) have learned over a 3 year journey, from stories, to mobile audio, to peer based learning, to podcasting and knowledge harvesting. All offer value but none deliver learning and value in and of themselves. The most important thing we have learned is that in order to deliver value we must deliver ALL of the following:
A - Compelling content. If the content is not interesting, it well never get used and consumed. (Instructionally sound content is not necessarily compelling or interesting)
B – Multiple mediums and delivery methods. Web, CDs, Podcasting, elearning – all offer value, but nothing works for everyone.
C – Client and user support. The greatest product in the world goes nowhere unless it is promoted, supported and measured properly. This is an area we are still learning about, but we have learned a lot.

This presentation will share learnings about the use of stories, peer-based learning, mobile learning and sales enablement.

Tim Keelan is the founder of StoryQuest Inc. a firm dedicated to mobile learning and sales enablement. StoryQuest's mission is to help its clients capture and share the voices, experience and stories of their success with staff, customers and partners. Over the last 3 years that has meant leveraging various technologies (streaming, podcastings, on demand learning) and new processes (story and knowledge harvesting) to deliver learning that is not only efficient but compelling, interesting for users, and effective for clients. StoryQuest has produced mobile enabled learning programs for Keane, Lucent, CA, TPSA, RSA Security and others. Prior to StoryQuest Tim spent 15 years selling IT professional services, most recently as a Director of Sales for Cap Gemini Ernst and Young. (

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Audio of the January KM Chicago meeting on Web 2.0

Thanks to Dirk Tussing and the Executive Learning Exchange, the audio recording of Tuesday night's KM Chicago session on Web 2.0 has been posted. This is about an hour of discussion with Jack Vinson, Barbara Iverson, David Elfving, and Brian Sobolak.

The mp3 file is here.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Speakers for the January meeting: all about YOU

We have the following speakers confirmed for the January 9th meeting of KM Chicago, How Knowledge Management is impacted by YOU, Time magazine's person of the year.

Moderator: Jack Vinson. Jack is the past-president of KM Chicago and has been involved in knowledge management since the late 1990's. He's currently doing independent management consulting in knowledge management with a focus on helping organizations get the best use out of their people, information and technology.

Brian Sobolak is the current maintainer of as well as a contributor to local webzine He's been creating websites since 1996 and a regular blogger since 2001. By day he is an enterprise software delivery manager in the Loop.

Dave Elfving. After graduating from the University of Iowa, Dave spent 5 years working as a web designer in both the public and private sectors. He began at a boutique design firm (which, like so many others, no longer exists) and went on to develop web sites and online applications for the Chicago Public Schools and The University of Chicago. He has been an active blogger (though he dislikes that term) for years, and was interviewed by National Public Radio as an early pioneer of "audio blogging". Currently, he's finishing up graduate degree in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he studies web-based, collaborative technologies.

Barbara K. Iverson is a long-time multimedia maven and a blogger since 1999. She teaches, writes and speaks about blogging, citizen journalism, digital technology, and online media publication at Columbia College Chicago and around the world.

Iverson is the new VP for Technology for Association of Women Journalists(AWJ) and belongs to Media Bloggers Association (MBA,) the Online News Association (ONA,) Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE.0 She serves as advisor to the Student Satellite Chapter of Chicago Headline Club and is a member of CHC and SPJ. Iverson has written for magazines and been a reporter for

Iverson's innovative use of electronic technology in teaching has been recognized by the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS,) the Lilly Endowment, Fund for Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) and J-Lab & John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. She and Suzanne McBride currently have a J-Lab grant to develop an online community around citizen journalism in Chicago. Barbara returned recently from teaching at DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology) in Ireland where she was part of an academic exchange program.

Before arriving in Journalism, Iverson produced the first webcast from an American museum in 1998, featuring an interactive exhibit at the MCA by Miroslaw Rogala and an interactive CD-ROM about the Tuskegee Airmen in 1994. In her formative years, Barbara K. Iverson was a teacher for the Chicago Public Schools and subsequently elected to serve as a community member of the John Palmer LSC.

How Knowledge Management is impacted by YOU, Time magazine's person of the year

KM Chicago, January meeting
Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
5 - 7 pm
Locations: Factiva (Loop), Allstate (Northbrook), teleconference. Details and directions in the sidebar.

Did you see the Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006? It was the collective "you," based on all the work you are doing to create content on blogs, YouTube, wikis and many other interesting technologies. Have you heard the buzz in the technology world about a second phase of web-based technologies that build off this stuff to create newer, better services for their users? This is the time of user-generated content and Web 2.0 technology.

What has this to do with knowledge management? Come to the January KM Chicago meeting for discussions of this and many other questions, and see some examples of Web 2.0 tools and services.

The panel will consist of several Chicago-based people who are experts in Web2.0 and have experience in knowledge management. These include Barbara Iverson, a Journalism & New Media Professor at Columbia College, and David Elfing, an expert in collaborative technologies and graduate student at UIC. Full bios will be posted here shortly.