Sunday, February 03, 2013

Connecting In An Open World - Feb. 12, 2013

Howard B. Schechter, Ed.D. 

Dr. Schechter, a scholar practitioner in Online Learning (OL) and Knowledge Management (KM) has distinguished himself as a Corporate Learning Executive for 22 years and excelled as a Researcher and Educator at Walden University since 2001.  Additionally, he consults, speaks and writes on OL and KM and has received several awards.

His experience with social media, cloud computing, mobile devices and related frameworks is extensive and well aligned with KM Chicago’s focus on “Connecting in an open world.”   Dr. Schechter will be sharing with KM Chicago his perspectives on social media, their impact on organizations, as well as the latest research on the “effects of intergenerational knowledge sharing” at large during the February 12th, KM Chicago session.

Dr. Schechter received his Doctorate from UMASS and his Masters from North Adams State College.