Friday, August 08, 2008

August 12 KM Chicago Meeting

Tuesday, August 12; 5:30pm
For location details, see right-hand column.

Yuval Tarsi's presentation will provide some background on Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 as well as cover the different flavors of user interaction and Web technologies that constitute Enterprise 2.0, citing concrete examples and real world use cases. Implications of using Web 2.0 technologies in the enterprise on security, scalability, compliance and policy will be discussed.

Yuval Tarsi is co-founder and CTO of WorkLight. Yuval has broad startup company activity, most recently as Vice President of Research and Development and Israel Site Manager for ©right. Previously, he served as Vice President Research and Development and Vice President of Technologies at Trivnet, a provider of e-commerce and m-commerce solutions. Prior to that, Yuval served in the Israeli Intelligence Corps’ prestigious "Haman Talpiyot" program. He holds a B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University. Yuval is husband to Nitsan and father to Nohar, as well as the primary caregiver of George, a white Golden Retriever. Yuval is also an avid cyclist.

WorkLight™ Inc. develops server software products that help businesses reach customers, channels, employees, and partners securely in the places they frequent online, such as iGoogle, Windows Live, desktop widgets, RSS readers, Facebook, even the Apple iPhone. Through WorkLight, people effortlessly get valuable information they desire, such as account status, product availability, or updates about their latest transactions. They can then take actions, for example ordering products or services, responding to promotions or offers, and consulting with colleagues, without having to log into a portal or corporate web site. As such, WorkLight transforms consumer interfaces into enterprise-grade business tools that directly increase revenue.

WorkLight is a venture-backed company with offices in New York and Israel. WorkLight has received prestigious industry accolades including being named as one of the "Five Enterprise 2.0 Startups to Watch" by InformationWeek magazine, selected as part of CIO Magazine's Web 2.0 Product Suite, and singled out with an honorable mention as one of Computerworld's "10 Cool Cutting-edge Technologies on the Horizon." For more information, visit

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