Thursday, January 15, 2009

KM Links to Best Practices and Essential KM Jumping Off Points

At the January meeting, a few attendees mentioned starting a new KM initiative in their organization. I thought I'd share a list of resources that came my way in a KM.Gov group meeting. Granted some links may be dated and too government-focused, but, who knows, you may find something of value on it (esp. the KM.Gov wiki).

If anybody has additional links, please include them in your comments (link, short description). I'll try to figure out how to make this into a resource for the group.

Knowledge Management vs. Knowledge Sharing

IBM was abandoning the term "knowledge management" for "knowledge sharing." According to an article on the KnowledgeBoard site. Important Resources and Links

Excellent templates and principles for KM practice

50 Essential KM Websites and Blogs

This website list 50 essential websites and blogs discussing knowledge management.

APQC'S Road Map to Knowledge Management

Good presentations and doc files. Many are 8-10 yrs old but still apply with good concepts.

Knowledge Management Community SLA - KM

Special Libraries Association - Knowledge Management Portal

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