Monday, August 23, 2010

September 14th Meeting: Practical Dos and Don'ts of Enterprise Prediction Markets

Rebecca and Robin will deliver a presentation that includes practical dos and don'ts of enterprise prediction markets. They will share their thoughts on what makes it work and why as a medium for predicting the future, from the “father of prediction markets,” as well as success factors based on case studies that Consensus Point has experience with in implementing prediction markets technology into client organizations.

Rebecca Whitehead Munn is the Senior Vice President of Sales at Consensus Point, a prediction markets technology company.

Dr. Robin Hanson is the Chief Scientist at Consensus Point and is considered the “father of prediction markets.” At Consensus Point, he advises on innovative technologies and development of prediction markets, and consults with customers on market design, best practices and quantitative analysis. Dr. Hanson pioneered the field in 1988 as the first person to write in detail about using markets to improve forecasts and inform decisions. In 1990, he led the first internal corporate market.

Dr. Hanson, associate professor of economics, George Mason University, and research associate at Oxford University, received his Ph.D. in social science from California Institute of Technology and masters in physics and masters in the philosophy of science from University of Chicago. Robin has diverse research interests, with papers on spatial product competition, health incentive contracts, group insurance, product bans, evolutionary psychology and bioethics of health care, voter information incentives, incentives to fake expertize, Bayesian classification, agreeing to disagree, self-deception in disagreement, probability elicitation, wiretaps, image reconstruction, the history of science prizes, reversible computation, the origin of life, the survival of humanity, very long term economic growth, growth given machine intelligence, and interstellar colonization. “I also plan to continue to pursue my core areas of trying to understand better why we disagree, and trying to construct idea futures”

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