Thursday, August 30, 2012

Collaborating Minds: Solving Tough Problems with a Unique Team

At 5:30 on Tuesday, September 11th, join Jim McGee and David Friedman at KM Chicago's monthly meeting to hear a progress report on "Collaborating Minds", their unique problem-solving venture. This meeting will be especially productive in person, but participation online is also available. See details on the right.
As Jim points out, we continue to make progress in developing tools to support the efforts of teams to conduct complex knowledge work. At the same time, we are deepening our understanding of what differentiates highly effective teams from average teams. But these two streams of progress rarely intersect.
Collaborating Minds is the business concept that Jim and Dave have developed that functions at that intersection of complex knowledge work and highly effective teams. 
Collaborating Minds tries to answer three related questions:

1. Given what we know about high-performance teams and current social technologies, can we create a virtual high-performance team with several hundred members?
2. If such a team existed, what kinds of problems could it solve that are currently unsolved?
3. Is there an acceptable business model to sustain that team over time?

 On September 11th Jim and David will tell us what they've learned to date and will lead participants in a design collaboration that will help shape Collaborating Minds' next stage of development.

David Friedman is passionate about problem-solving and about relationship building as fundamental human activities. That’s why he’s developing Collaborating Minds. He wants people to be much more productive and enjoy themselves much more too. He writes about collaboration at Positive Structures.  David was a partner at McKinsey & Company (a global consulting firm) and through his firm Bridgewell Partners has advised professionals on growing their practices through systematic relationship building. You can contact David here.
Jim McGee is an expert in knowledge management and knowledge use. He also knows a lot about technology, and about where technology and knowledge work intersect (or should). That’s why he’s a founder of Collaborating Minds. He’s been writing about these topics since 2001 at McGee’s Musings. Jim was a founder of Diamond Technology Partners (a technology and management consulting firm) and has been, among other roles, a faculty member at the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. You can contact Jim here.


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