Friday, October 26, 2012

Go Social with Nalco's Dan Flynn on Nov 13

KM Chicago's regular monthly meeting Tuesday, November 13 will host Dan Flynn discussing the development of social knowledge exchange at Nalco, the global leader in water treatment technologies.

Going Social – The Journey

Implementing a social layer in a global company comes with both challenges and rewards.  Going Social explores the journey Nalco Company took to weave communities and a social layer into the fabric of its business. From pilot to production the journey is fraught with barriers, potholes and a thousand decision points that ultimately effect deployment, governance and acceptance. We will learn about Nalco’s journey from start to present that ultimately resulted in governance principals and a best practice approach for community deployment and growth.
Meet Dan Flynn
Dan is Nalco’s go to person for Knowledge Management.  His twenty seven years of industry experience, with the last ten in the knowledge group, make for a good blending of knowledge principals with a keen eye for customer needs. Nalco’s customer intimate business model demands quick access to operations data, knowledge assets and subject matter experts. Dan has been published both on-line and print, in industry and knowledge journals, most recently as editor for “The Nalco Water Handbook - 3rd Edition”, and the “Nalco Guide to Boiler Failure Analysis – 2nd Edition”, both published by McGraw-Hill. Nalco has been recognized as a North American MAKE* Finalist (2005, 2007, 2008, 2010),  Global MAKE Finalist (2010) and an APQC Best Practice Partner in 2012. Dan can be reached through email at
* Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises

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KMChicago said...

This was a really good talk. It's so useful to learn about social knowledge exchanges in manufacturing, engineering and similar situations. KM Chicago is always looking for people who'd like to share their experiences as Dan Flynn did.