Saturday, November 02, 2013

Proliferating Content vs. Copyright

Please join KM Chicago on Tuesday, November 12 at 5:30 pm for a discussion on the obligations of intellectual property protection in knowledge management systems. Our discussion will be led by Erwin Cruz, Director of Intellectual Property Strategy and Management at W.W. Grainger. Erwin brings a solidly real world view of copyright issues in the corporate world and a passion for finding legal, ethical, and pragmatic solutions to what can be challenging situations.

Organizations are awash in content. Some of that content finds its way onto the open Internet. At the same time, external content is posted internally. And all of this content is accessed via a multitude of devices. In this environment, organizations are faced with finding innovative ways to protect their own content and to stay copyright compliant regarding content produced by others. This discussion will reflect on some of the challenges organizations are facing regarding copyright protections.

Erwin Cruz has over 20 years experience in the supply chain distribution industry. His areas of expertise are in strategy, innovation, intellectual property development, enterprise architecture, continuous improvement, business process management, human capital development, with line of business operational leadership experience in sales, customer service, finance/accounting, and supply chain logistics.

Everyone with an interest in these issues is invited to join us on November 12. Meeting details are on the right.

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Thanks for the post. Can we come and attend the event in person?

Minu Mittal