Monday, June 01, 2015

Summer Social Series Update

“It was awesome.”
                            -Stefan Lafloer, Multinational Knowledge Leader at AIG

A lively party of knowledge management professionals gathered on Friday, May 29 to help KM Chicago kick off Summer 2015. Members and officers, friends, consultants, and vendors enjoyed each other’s company over drinks and food. It was a welcome respite to the end of a big week; it was our After Action Review (or what some suggested our After Action Refreshment!)

Our next Sip & Share AAR is scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2015 starting at 4:30 PM, at South Branch Tavern & Grille.

Dr. Kate Elgayeva and Valeria Hunter, MLIS
Tony Kunkel, MKM
and Rachel Kaberon MPP MED
Randy Russell, The Evanston Group
and Sheri Mislavsky, MS
John Notta, SoftwareOne, Leo Gomez,
and Stefan Lefloer ECS


Kent Sommer said...

I'm interested in reserving this beautiful place. Placing a music show which does not have cultural preferences becomes difficult in a banquet hall environment. It requires planning and decorating imagination. The NYC venues have the right décor for any event.

Anonymous said...

Your updates are the one that I have been waiting to read every single time you are active on this website. It is only that you are always exploring new things and sharing about them.

Anonymous said...

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