Saturday, May 22, 2010

June Meeting Reminder: June 7th KM Symposium

2010 KM Symposium
Chicago, Illinois
June 7, 2010 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Cost: 20.00 (for snacks and beverages)
Location: 77 W. Jackson, Morrison Conference Center in the Ralph E. Metcalfe Federal Building
Sponsored by KM Chicago and Midwest KM Community (Detroit)

Our symposiums are about sharing and exchanging insights into KM and organizational learning topics. Who should Come:Anyone interested in knowledge management, organizational learning, human resources development and organizational performance improvement. We encourage and support cross disciplinary sharing.
2010 Symposium potential topics list

Can tacit knowledge be codified and retained?
What is a knowledge-sharing culture?
What’s new in Curriculum Development and Learning Management ?
How to use adult learning concepts to support and organizational knowledge creation.
What are the characteristics of innovation ?
What is the role of learning and knowledge in innovation and invention?
Sharing and co-operation in Communities of Practice.
Ethics of Knowledge Management.
Organizational changes before technology solutions.
Enabling KM sharing between individuals vs. groups
Methods for identifying user requirements.
Downsizing, corporate loyalty, psychological contract
Learning trends for 2010.
KM trends for 2010.
Employee involvement programs as a means to encourage innovation.
KM as an employee performance measure.
Why Twitter? Success or new fad?
Advantages of social networks.
Incentives for knowledge sharing.
Strategies for how organizations learn - without relearning.
The best of the best KM blogs and why?
Organizational learning and KM.
Methods of synthesis from concepts to knowledge.
KM in an age of outsourcing.
Web 2.0 implementation strategies.
How do you create a knowledge sharing culture?
How do you structure knowledge to share?
If you are interested in writing an insight please contact Insight submission date: May 20, 2010 (email if you still are interested post this date)

This year we will have 6 insights presented and guest speaker Matt Moore. The attendees will be selecting the 6 insights through an online survey which will be sent out prior to the symposium.
About Matt Moore

Matt is Chair of the New South Wales KM Forum in Australia, lectures in eLearning Design at University of Technology Sydney and is a director of Innotecture. Matt's previous roles have covered knowledge management, training & development and corporate communications at organizations such as PwC, IBM, Oracle and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Performance Enhancing is Matt Moore's first book. His interest is in making work better - better outcomes for organizations and better experiences for workers. We will be discussing:

  • Points of integration between the knowledge management, training & development, organizational learning and performance improvement movements.
  • Models of work - and why using only one is dangerous.
  • What a maturity model for performance enhancement might look like.

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