Thursday, May 06, 2010

May 11 Meeting: Using Predictive Analytics to Solve Business Problems - Dr. Jing Shyr

At a recent meeting we collected ideas from members on topics they would like for future meetings to cover. One of the requests was predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics applies sophisticated analytic techniques to your data and discovers insights that you can use to guide both strategic planning and daily interactions. These insights can be applied to influence how people behave as customers, employees, patients, students, and individuals.

At our May 11 meeting, Dr. Jing Shyr will give an overview of predictive analytics and discuss how predictive analytics relates to data mining and statistics modeling. She will then present a variety of examples of data and the results you can get from predictive analytics to show how it can help to solve business problems.

Jing Shyr recently joined IBM through the acquisition of SPSS Inc, where she has been the Chief Statistician and SVP of Technology Group since 1999. Dr. Shyr has served in a number of roles since joining SPSS Inc. in 1986. She began as a statistician, researching and developing new algorithms and statistical methods for the company’s flagship statistical analysis software product, SPSS. As Chief Statistician of the company, her primary responsibility is to lead the SPSS Predictive Analytic capability. Over the past several years, SPSS has been identified as the leader in Predictive Analytics (PA) in the industry. Dr. Shyr is based in Chicago.

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