Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How To Be A Connected Organization

Please join KM Chicago for the first meeting of 2013! We’ll get together at 5:30pm on Tuesday, January 8th to discuss How to Be A Connected Organization. We will explore people, process and tools and how these three converge in your organization.

The format of the meeting will be a roundtable discussion and networking opportunity for KM professionals to discuss issues they are facing in information and knowledge management, as well as share best practices and lessons learned.

The topic of the discussion is taken from a blog I follow, Knowledge Architecture. The founder, Christopher Parsons, has spoken on the topic of The Connect Practice. I like this quote from Christopher's clip http://knowledge-architecture.com/blog/2012/05/02/the-connected-practice/:

"The success of this all-of-the-above approach to knowledge and information management lies not simply in creating documents and organizing databases, but also in connecting people and ideas."

I hope you can join us for this discussion. 

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