Wednesday, January 09, 2013

KM Chicago's Topics For 2013

KM Chicago kicked off the year with a roundtable discussion on how to be a connect organization. Many topics were gleaned from this conversation like generational aspects of KM, mentoring, engaging employees virtually, creating a culture of curation and more. Below is an outline for our KM Chicago program for the rest of the year. If you have any topics you'd like to discuss or have a speaker in mind, please let me know. Thanks to those who shared their experiences and wisdom last night! It was much appreciated.

KM Chicago 2013
Jan – Mar - How To Be A Connected Organization
Jan – What does it take to be a connected organization? People, data, information, knowledge and insight – what else? Let's explore.
Feb – Discussion around process, tools and people – how do these converge in your organization?
Mar – Marketing and Research – how are you connecting your organization and innovating by utilizing the resources in your own backyard? Who are your KM partners?

Apr – June - The Impact of A Good KM Process: Aligning Process and Approaches
April – Are you successful sharing your information? If not, it's time to change your KM course. Discuss how your capture, store and share your knowledge. 
May – Do you want to change behaviors in your own organization, how do you begin? Lessons learned from Gensler and others.
June – Knowledge Analytics:  measurement, analysis, reporting that combines information from KM approaches to guide data output and make decisions. 

July - Sept - If Only We Knew What We Know 
(title of the famous book, but in real life, too)
July – How do you bring new hires up to speed – quickly? And, on the flip side, how do you prevent the loss of critical knowledge when employees retire or leave the firm?
Aug – Summer outing
Sept – Peer mentoring programs – creating a culture of curation and sharing. 

Oct – Dec - Connecting the KM Dots                                                                     
Oct – Continuously improving KM practices and positioning KM for the future. Technology is important, but people interaction and connection are key. 
Nov – Creating an enterprise KM Strategy – make best practices your practice.  
Dec – Holiday Party and a summation of the 4 topics shared throughout the year. Win, success stories and lessons learned from our own perspectives will be shared. 

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